Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Brookside Fire Company is a volunteer organization that serves and protects you, your loved ones and your property. In order to continue to respond to emergencies within our community, we ask you to support our 2021 fund drive.

With today’s rising cost of daily operating expenses, your continued support is essential for our high level of service to the community. Our community has always been very generous to us. We hope that you will take the time this year to make a tax deductible contribution to the fire company. You can be assured that your donation will be used to provide the best, most up-to-date fire and rescue services possible.

Because of your past donations, we have been able to upgrade our equipment and provide training to safely protect you and your loved ones, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You are always welcome to visit the firehouse and meet the volunteers. If you are interested in joining the fire company, we are always looking for new members. For more information, call us at 814-899-3820.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.


The Officers and Members of Brookside Fire Company 

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